Accommodation guest rooms

Our lifestyle is our message. We are presenting an economy based on 'need not greed'.
An economy which is materially and spiritually balanced.

AtĀ  Karuna we work towards different ways and meansĀ  to achieve this goal .We like to
share our experiences to inspire others to do the same in their own environment.
We hold workshops and training programs and encourage people from all over the world to
live with us and see that works. We give a positive hope for a sustainable future. To support
this ideology we have made available some cottages for guests to stay for a contribution.

All the rooms are ideally situated, clean and comfortable. Every room has solar lights, room
heater and bathroom with ample water. Some travelers are tired of eating restaurant food, and
relish cooking to their own taste, for which every room is provided with a fully equipped kitchen.

* No alcohol
* No non veg food
* Breakfast is free for all Karuna Guests.
* Please no loud music. We expect minimal noise after 10pm.
* On cloudy days there may be no power other than for lights. That means even cellphone charging may not be possible.